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    EMC/EMI Solution Partners

    Based on the provincial technical center and post-doctoral research center , Saintyear Electronic cooperate with the domestic famous universities and research institutions to innovative technology.

    The excellent Supplier of Thermal Materials

    Thermal materials are widely used in applications which need to transmit the heat, such as laptop, large storage device communication unit etc.

    Saintyear Concept

    During the last ten years, Saintyear electronic always hold to our convictions “honesty and mutual benefit”.



    图片说明:IBM芯片中的四个超导量子比特排列成正方形,首次实现同时检测两种类型的量子错误,并可扩展到更大的量子系统。图片来源:IBM Research IBM的科学家们日前公布了在实用量子计算机方面取得的两项重大进展。他们首次实现同时检测两种类型的量...

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